S-Anon Materials Acceptable for Reprint

The S-Anon International Family Groups World Service Office grants permission for the following materials, or precise translations thereof, to be posted on group or intergroup websites. Postings must acknowledge S-Anon by including a credit line, both in English and in the language of translation if applicable, as follows: “Reprinted with permission of S-Anon International Family Groups, Inc., Nashville, TN. Compliance with S-Anon International Family Groups, Inc.’s copyrights and trademarks is required.”


What is S-Anon? (printable copy).

The S-Anon Checklist (printable copy).

The S-Ateen Checklist (printable copy).

What is Sexaholism? (printable copy).


Further information regarding the use of the S-Anon Name, Logo, and Registered Marks can be found in S-Anon’s Trademark Policy.