The Greatest Gift

I always say that the Number One Affliction in our marriage brought to me the greatest gift in my life!! Sexaholism brought me to my knees as nothing else could ever have. I had a religious upbringing, but had no personal relationship with the God that I “THOUGHT” I was serving.

Once I accepted that I was powerless to control the sexaholic’s sobriety and to control my own life, I needed to find the God of my understanding who I could let be in control of my life.

I found this personal connection from working the S-Anon Steps, going to meetings, attending International Conventions (I’ve been to 20 consecutive Conventions, and a total of 24.), working with my sponsor, and my spiritual director.

I learned that I needed to seek a relationship with God in order to have one!! I needed to develop prayer and conscious contact with the God of my understanding “every morning” and to use meditation to listen to His guidance. I learned to do a Tenth Step every night in thanksgiving for the day, and to acknowledge the good and the bad parts of each day. These helped me to establish my relationship with my Higher Power and with which I now am blessed.

I would never have had the GOOD people that I have in my life now if it was not for this S-Anon Program!! My spouse became a changed person, too, and our ten years together in this Program gave us the most loving, joyful, and peaceful times in our marriage!!

Also, without God in my life, I would have never been able to move through all of the painful losses that I have “trudged” through these last eleven years.

If I work the Program, and seek a Personal relationship with my Higher Power, the Gifts of the Program will materialize, and the change in us will bring Peace, Love ( of ourselves, too), and Acceptance!!  God Bless and “Keep Coming Back” because it’s worth it and so are YOU!


Reprinted from the Winter 2009 issue of S-Anews©.