S-Ateen Literature and Additional Resources

Typically, ideas for meeting topics and stories are found in S-Ateen, S-Anon, and Al-Ateen literature. What helps S-Ateen members the most is the literature written by S-Ateens, but since there is only a small amount of S-Ateen literature at this time, it is helpful to supplement with S-Anon and Al-Ateen literature.

S-Ateen Literature

  • Is S-Ateen for You? (L-1ST) Purchase
  • What It’s Like To Be Me (P-9ST) Purchase

Additional Resources/Service Literature

  • S-Ateen: Information About Sponsorship and Meetings (L-12ST) PDF | Purchase
  • S-Ateen: Individual and Group Sponsorship (L-23ST) PDF | Purchase
  • S-Ateen: Suggestions for Meeting Topics (P-2ST)PDF | Purchase
  • S-Ateen: Suggested Meeting Format (L-24ST) PDFPurchase
  • S-Ateen: Responsibility Agreement (L-22ST) PDF | Purchase

Al-Ateen literature can be purchased through the Al-Anon World Service Office or online directly from their web site.