S-Ateen Group Sponsorship

S-Ateen meetings are conducted separately from those of S-Anon and are guided by adult S-Anon members serving as S-Ateen Group Sponsors. Two S-Ateen Group Sponsors must be present at every S-Ateen meeting.

S-Ateen Group Sponsors are certified through the S-Anon service training process as an S-Anon Member Involved in S-Ateen Service (SMISS). An S-Ateen Group Sponsor has made a commitment to be of service to a local and/or online S-Ateen meeting on a regular basis, or for a specific S-Anon event, such as a local recovery event and/or International Convention.

Additionally, S-Ateen Group Sponsors must:

  • Be an S-Anon member regularly attending S-Anon meetings
  • Have completed or be working the S-Anon Twelve Steps with an S-Anon sponsor
  • Have at least two years in S-Anon in addition to any time spent in S-Ateen
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Not have been convicted of a felony
  • Not have been charged with child abuse or any other inappropriate sexual behavior; or convicted of any offense involving sexual misconduct or physical violence against children or adults

S-Ateen sponsorship is considered one of the most rewarding service positions for S-Anons.  If you are interested in becoming a certified S-Ateen Group Sponsor, please contact the S-Anon World Service Office.

For more information on sponsorship, please see the pamphlets, “S-Ateen:  Information About Sponsorship and Meetings” and “S-Ateen:  Individual and Group Sponsorship“, which are available as free downloads from the SIFG Online Store.